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picture of bird-view liege cityLiège, a city, a spirit

In the middle of Eurégio, Liege is also girl of Meuse. Its river is its asset more the charmer. It draws the face of the city as much as it soaks the character of its citizens.

Liege, thousand-year-old city, tell its history. Its Romance and Gothic churches, its bell-towers defying the horizon and its vast palate of the prince-bishops recall that it was during nearly eight centuries the capital of an ecclesiastical principality.

Liege, city nourished of history and kneaded by time, was to be picture palates of prince and eveques in liege city“Museum City”. Its multiple faces are forever preserved time which passes: the Grand Cursius, the museum of Ansembourg and the Treasury of the Cathedral, to quote only them, are the temples of the inheritance inhabitant of Liege. Cradle of art mosan, Liege kept the taste of the beautiful object and work well done.

picture of opera of liege cityLiege is also a cultural city with its opera and its Philharmonic orchestra, true witnesses of a presence active on the national scene and international. Birthplace of Georges Simenon, with whom one owes legendary Commissaire Maigret, of Andre-Modeste Grétry, famous Master of the comic opera, César Franck and Eugene Ysaye. Liege is also a university town of great importance.     top page

Liege abounds with parks and walks. Its proximity with the Ardennes and its many green picture of le perron in liege cityareas allot to him all the charm of one city in the countryside. The Coteaux de la Citadelle (3 stars to the Michelin Green Guide), the Park of Avroy with its ponds, the Botanical garden and the Park of Boverie amount among the places of predilection of in love with nature.

Liege, it is also a whole network of transportation routes placed at your disposal : highway main roads, important waterways and a regional airport. A quite new monumental station realized by the famous Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava to the TGV.     top page

picture of the coteaux to liege cityLiege, town of atmosphere, tradition and folklore where the past and the present mix harmoniously, invites us to rove in its old workings coloured by the cordial temperament of the Inhabitants of Liege. Most popular and formerly populous, Outremeuse, extends on Right Bank from the Meuse. It is symbolized by a character in whom all the Inhabitants of Liege, worthy of this name, recognize themselves: Tchantchès. On left bank, another district, as much picturesque and commonly called “the Square”, picture the docs of la batte in liege citywith the characteristic to carry out a double life : trading during the day, it is illuminated of all the audacities once the come night and invites you to have fun the festival. With the terraces of the coffees, in the taverns with the traditional decoration, the bars of students, everywhere beer runs with floods, fresh like the water of the fountains. Liege of the night birds has its colourful routes for the sleepless nights. Lounge bar, with coffee-singing, of the accordion to the felted environment of the private circles, to discover Liege, it is to take time to live.

picture palate curtius in liege cityThe greedy route of Liege leads you new kitchen to the traditional table, international menus with the potfuls of grandmother, minute steak with the gastronomical meal, without forgetting the thousand and one specialities of pork-butchery or pastry making, whose “Coffee ice cream celebrates it”, who combines French refinement with the savor of the soil. On our premises, there is always some share something with your taste.     top page

“Liege, City of warm welcome”, it is not a slogan but a sympathetic nerve reality…

Welcome in the Burning City!

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