Chambres d'Hôtes au Château de Sarceau près de Alençon idées de séjours et voyages

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This castle located at 6km in North east of Melun (southwest of Paris). Built between 1656 and 1661, this castle is now a private field and which largely deserves that one stops there.

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Click on the label for the great picture.Beautiful day that we will pass to visite the splendid castle of the 17th century. Superbly renovated and maintained very well, these buildings knew various fortunes, but place with this visit which starts with the hall by which we go return to the first floor. There are the apartments of Mr and Mrs FOUQUET, the ceiling east thinks one paints by COTELLE and the tapestries on the walls are very beautiful. Only the bathroom is of Click on the label for the great picture.time with a very beautiful ebony piece of furniture. We will visit the very beautiful room that FOUQUET had made arrange for the king LOUIS XIV, and in whom this one never splet. We will notice the ceiling carved and gilded the tapestry which formerly was with the castle of Versailles, the furniture of time as well as paintings of LEBRUN. It should be admired the sight that we have on the gardens drawn by LE NôTRE. From there, we go down again to the ground floor while passing by the large Click on the label for the great picture.oval show and the caryatids supporting its cupola.In this show, very beautiful marbles representing the Roman Emperors. By this room we have also a beautiful view on the park. We continue the visit by the access to various shows of which most remarkables is that says " Room of the Muses ", where appear paintings of LEBRUN and tapestries of the Goblins. We can imagine that in these places LA FONTAINE could be written some poem.

Click on the label for the great picture.With the basement, we will continue our visit in the past, with the visit of the kitchens reconstituted so well, that it would see that the cook go back to the furnaces in a few hours. The dresser is also very nice, then we pass in the cellars and go up, direction the dependences with the large stables or we can admire beautiful coach and old cars with a reconstitution of the crews.

We will finish by one of the centre pieces which we evoked, the gardens of LENôTRE and the very nice foutains with beautiful statues which jealously, maintain the secrets of the last time.


Opened April 01 – October 31 all days 10h-18h

Foutains : April 01 – October 31 the second and last Saturday of the month 15h-18h.

Visits with the candles to May at October 20h30-23h.

Possibility of restauration on the spot.

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