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Saint Hymer (Normandy)

information about the city of Saint Hymer

Library in Pont-l'Evêque

This small village located at 3 km of peaceful and undulating Pont-l'Evêque , was formerly a significant priory. It was rested by Hugues de Montfort between 1066 and 1077. For the beginning this priory was provided regular canons ordered into collegial, then in 1147 the monks of the abbey of the "Bec Hellouin" occupied the places and so the abbey passed under the supervision of the Benedictines. At the XIIIth century, the monks start to set up a tower on the transept of the church which was renovated in XIIth century. At this time there have a confrontation between the monks and the priest of the parish, which wanted a bell-tower to him on the church... in short the bell-tower and the tower were unfinished for a long time until XVIIIth century. Two communities disputing the places. It's thus only at this period that the bishop of Lisieux sliced and made set up a wall. The monks had the chorus, the transept and the chapel and the parishioners were satisfied with the nave. (the wall remained until 1791).

It's in 1725 that Henry de Roquette is established in Saint Hymer and that the ideas Jansénistes(ce movement privileged the divine initiative for the human freedom) were developed. At this time a great austerity reigns on the priory. From there it made build " the Small Schools ", then the northern building and the dormitory, it also rebuilds the bell-tower while taking as a starting point that of Royal Port in Paris. The abbot of Rocket dies in 1789 and is buried in the nave of the church

You can currently visit the church with the beautiful stained glasses which were not destroyed by the bombardments, and the cloister. While walking in the gardens to imagine the monastic life of the abbey. Moreover it reigns such an atmosphere, that if it were not an old people's home today, a monk could emerge with the turning of the path missel to the hand.

The road of " the douets " (brooks in Norman) passes by here and feeds a very old laundrette, these brooks also sprinkle beautiful properties as well as an old water mill which was reconverted in rooms of hosts (very pleasant). While walking you can also meet roe-deers when that is not the season of hunting.

Nowadays the abbey depends on the hospital of Pont-l'Evêque and shelters the old people's home.

Do not seek trade in this small borough, it does not have there. On the other hand, you will be able to be restored in a small inn where appears it one eats there very well (we did not test yet).

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