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HONFLEUR (Normandy)

Information about the city of Honfleur

Located on the coast Norman, to the east of Trouville, the old Honfleur offers a very picturesque image to the visitor. Around, the old city with its narrow streets, its coloured shops bringing one our of gaity to the grisaille of the winter and its houses to the old charm . The old port and its terraces where we can enjoy a good tea, visit one of the many art's galleries , or also see one of the painters to work.

The ballade is extremely pleasant, we will begin it with the church "Sainte Catherine" and will continue it with the museum of the Navy and Popular Arts.


Entirely in wood, it was destroyed by a fire then rebuilt in its current form and it is a magnificent, outside inside, until in each statue which decorate its 2 naves and on the 2 low sides, wood is the Master of the places.Iit was built by " the Masters of Axe " of the city in order to thank God for the departure of the English, after the one hundred year old war. The beautiful carved panels of the platform, are of XVIst century, as for the organ they are of XVIIIst.

While leaving, just opposite, the Bell-tower of Holy Catherine. The cover entirely realized in chestnut, and exceptional thing, it is completely isolated from the church. It sheltered the house of the bell ringer. Unfortunately closed saturdays afternoon, we will not have the occasion to discover its interior.    top page


Placed in the church " Saint Etienne", of XIVst century, moreover the oldest church of the city, to discover a museum of the Navy in such a place is rather strange and does not miss a charm of the whole.
To see, many models of boats, several busts or portraits representing of the sailors and famous ship-owners, the objects of navigation, of the weapons, guns, swords or sabres, of the trunks of corsairs (without their spoils) of XVIIIst and a very beautiful and few costume of naval officer of XVIIIst.
Part of the museum being in restoration, we will not be likely to see the totality of its treasures.

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Located any meadows of the museum of the Navy, it is a reconstitution of the Normands interiors, arranged in half-timbered houses of the XVI and XVIIst, we reache it by the street of the" Prison" which we will start by visiting with his rather dark dungeons.

The visit of the floors is much more interesting by the rich person collection of Normands pieces of furniture than they shelter, costumes, crockery and an extremely interesting part, devoted primarily to printing works. You will also see a shop reconstituted at the time of the beginning of the century.

To conclude our visit from the city, we will not fail to stroll in its old streets at the typical houses and the so attractive shops, damage only which we did not see corsairs, because it is not a place in this old Honfleur , where we did not feel their presences and one would have almost expected to see some emerging one to the turning of a street.
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  • The church "Saint Léonard" XV and XVIst, with its octagonal bell-tower of XVIIIst,
  • The museum "Eugene Boudin", impressionist painter of Honfleur,
  • The house of "Satie", on the universe of the music,
  • The manor of the "Deser", XV-XVIst, accessible by the district "Saint Léonard",
  • The bridge of Normandy     top page


Museum of the Navy and museum of Popular Arts : Ticket of input combined, we cannot unfortunately communicate the prices to you, having exceptionally been given a particular price, taking into account work in the museum of the Navy.

Museum Eugene Boudin : Closed Tuesday and the 1/01 to the 15/02. Ticket of input combined with the Bell-tower Sainte Catherine.
from the 15/03 to the 30/09 visits 10h-12h and 14h-18h / the 1/10 to the 14/03 visits 14h30-17h
Saturday and Sunday: 10h-12h and 14h30-17h
Satie Museum : Summer 10h-19h / Winter 10h30-18h
Manor of the Desert : Friday at Tuesday (1/07-15/09) - 14h30-18h     top page, thank's for your visit.































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