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The Scarabe's legend in Egypt


In old Egypt, scarabe was regarded as a God, the God of Love, Life and Creation (not to be confused with Amon-Râ, Re or Amon) the ball of m... that it rolled of the "center of the ground" wanted to mean the resurection, of what is hidden and flashes back with the light.

But one also said, by extention: The nourished being and C.... its excrements turn over to the ground and fertilize it. Scarabes which walks it prove the fertility of the ground, and a man which offers to his wife a fertile ground,it's a proof of love.

Scarabe is thus regarded as the God of Love also, and of the power because a man of good ground is a man of good family.

In the ruins of the temple of the Pharaon , Thouthankamon, one would have found a pond protected by two scarabes. Wondering what that could mean, several archaeologists have some concludes that the water of known as "the pond" was to be used to fertilize the royal gardens and scarabes "protect" the reserve from the robbers... because the royal garden was in full desert....

Therefore, scarabe is a creature whose history can carry out far, from its legends and accounts. If a person you offer a jewel who represent one scarabe, it be that it you like and wish you protect... that it be a member of your family or a friend, because the love mean also friendship...

Signé Kissy

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