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Visit The castle of Chantilly

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The castle was built on the ruins of a strengthened house Gallo-romaineClick on the label for the great picture. dating of more than 2000 years. Transformed with the Middle Ages into strong castle, then rebuilt in turn with 14th to finish in palate rebirth whose only " small castle ", which one sees on the left, remains of this time. The remainder known as " large castle " dates from the 19th century.

It is thus this unit which we can admire today.

mpanied, others on the other hand (majority) are visited accompanied by a lecturer of the castle. (This service is included in the price of the ticket). A call to the public is made, in order to form groups.

Click on the label for the great picture. We will thus start while waiting for the guide with the visit while entering on the right of the gallery of the stags which was the dining room of the duke of Aumale last owner of the castle.

One discovers there 8 tapestries of the Goblins of the 17th century, representative of the scenes of hunting, and two skins of lions as of many heads of stags hunting trophies of the Duke.

On the walls 12 bronze arms carrying a lamp, it should be noted that it is the 1st castle which was enlightened with gas at the end of the 19th century.

The ceiling carries the armorial bearings of the families which occupied the castle. With the top of the gate, the platform of the musicians, carved in only one block of stone. In the center of the part, we can admire a very beautiful table " of Separate ".

Click on the label for the great picture. Left the dining room, we discover on the line, the picture gallery. The Duke of military Aumale having been a governor of Algeria, of many paintings of Eastern style decorate this gallery. The tables were placed according to tastes' of the Duke and could be better emphasized but appears it that one can nothing touch with the scheduling of furniture in this castle! At the end of this gallery, in the rotunda, a mosaic covers the ground and we can admire two of the walls a very beautiful painting of Raphaël " the Virgin of Lorette " and "La Madone d'Orléans". It will be allowed to us to see another work of the painter " the 3 Graces " in one of the small parts on dimensioned and in which appear 40 illuminating miniatures by Jean Fouquet.

We will pass then in the cabinet of the Gems, where we can see portraits, miniatures, a collection of ranges, as well as the copy of famous "pink diamond" and various objects having belonged to the duke.

Click on the label for the great picture. The platform : With the characteristic to profit from a daylight coming from a high canopy and which gives its aspect enchantor at piece-rates, a beautiful way to contemplate " L'Autumn " of Botticelli.

The guide having called us and formed his group, we thus start the visit. It is to be stressed that the lecturers know their subject very well and that which has us conduit made take part the visitors in the comments.

The room of the guards : It dates from the 16th century, (but the decoration of 19th). In the windows of the military objects weapons, swords, flags and tables military. With the top of the chimney, a mosaic of 79 front JC coming from Herculanum.

The room of the "prince de Condé" : This part contains furniture of 18th and the convenient one of 16th by Riesener origin of the Louis XVI room to Versailles (1774).

The office : A very beautiful Baccarat crystal gloss smoked and a furniture pointing out the flowers.

Great singery : As its name indicates it this small room contains paintings of Chinese inspiration and which represents monkeys of the 18th century.

Click on the label for the great picture. The gallery of the battles : In this large room all in length, one finds on the walls of the scenes of battle of course, an office which can contain cards of state major and a clock. A superb metal inlaid table of 1710 by André Charles Boulle, made up of brass, scale of gold sheet and turtle.

The show of music :Piece containing furniture of the castle of St Cloud

The library : If the books are liked, then one will spend a pleasant moment there, more than 13000 works await us there of which most beautiful are on the left while entering.

The Vault : Dedicated to St Louis, it is made up of 2 parts.

Click on the label for the great picture. The 1st part is made in marquetry going back to 1588 and representing the 12 apostles and the stained glasses of 1544 which represent the line of the family of Montmorency.

The 2nd part contains a splendid sculpture and in the center in a small hotel " a niche " where are kept the 10 hearts of the family of the Cop.

Click on the label for the great picture. Gardens : Were drawn by Le Nôtre, the statues of Bossuet, Molière and the Heather keep an eye jealous on the alleys of limes and the basins the length of which they so often walked. It's a pity that the electric boats which furrow the large channel indicate with this pretty framework of greenery. Where are the good old women oars!!!


Château de Chantilly

153 Plaine de Chantilly

37330 Courcelles-de-Touraine


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Rates and information chateau de chantilly

Access: Motorway A1 left "Survilliers".

Or by R N 16.

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