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Click to enlargeIn a water with the crystalline purity draws up the island of Crete, 5th island of the Mediterranean by its surface. Between the cretan sea and the libyan sea , this ground short period conceals beauties which one does not suspect. Sea and mountains cohabit there in perfect harmony, fauna and the flora is exceptional there, the moderate climate and its so Click to enlargeenthralling history, that some is the place of Crete where one is, there is always something to discover.

Its landscapes never offer the same face and are a pleasure for the walker, who discoversClick to enlarge and discovers again with each one of his steps. The island offers several courses of excursions besides, where in love ones with nature will be charmed and 350 km with coast where one can find multiple beaches whose majority raise their “blue flag" proudly, pledge of quality. It is true than ever we did not see blue any more water, transfering by place with turquoise. And if the paradise it were here… After all Zeus God was born there, the Crete has indeed was the cradle of God…     top of page

Click to enlargeIt is in the center of Crete, that we discover the town of Rethymno. Broadside in north by its sand beach 13 km length end, the south of the city faces a mountainous landscape. Between sea, mountains and valleys, Rethymno Click to enlargeplays of its various contrasts and allured by its natural wealths and its enthralling history. It is precisely the fatherland of Zeus, the King of God. Then before plunging in its water if trying, let us discover initially the city and its department.      top of page

Rethymno is the 3rd town of Crete. Its history goes back to mists of time. Click to enlargeBut its apogee dates from XVeme century. The Cretan Renaissance was born there. The Venetian ones, which had bought Crete to the Croisées in 1204, will impose their architecture and their culture. Very quickly Rethymno will become the city of the letters, the intellectuals settle there, giving to the city one will have which still today persists. From this time, Rethymno kept its Venetian port and Click to enlargeits citadel which dominates the old city and where it is good to stroll, it offers a general sight on the city. Near you will find the small museum archaeological, gathering jewels, ustensils, ceramics Minoan, as well as fragments of sarcophagi Roman and Byzantine very interesting, 20mn is enough to visit it and certain parts are really admirable. The narrow and picturesque lanes, its Carried Guora, the Basilica Haghios Franghiskos or even the Rimondi fountain is as many Venetian monuments, Click to enlargewhich show the splendor of a last time. For which knows Venice, a ballade in the old city will point out some resemblances to Serenissime.      top of page

Click to enlargeAnd, as if the heart of the latter still beat between the walls of old Rethymno the city is started from spangles, illuminates itself of thousand fires, to make place each year with the arrival of the winter, with its famous carnival, most important of Crete. But if the cretans violins animates the winter and its carnival, the Click to enlargesummer, it is the theater and the music which join to make live the Renaissance Festival . The Fortress “Fortetsa '' then becomes the center of many festivities where the European Renaissance is with the honor. But the conquest of the island by Turkish in 1641 fine met at this period which will all the same have lasted more Click to enlargethan 400 years. The style imposed by the latter, changes in particular the image of Rethymno, giving him today a multicultural aspect not without charm.     top of page

Click to enlargePlace also sympathetic nerve of Rethymno, the market in front of the public garden, they are savors, the scents and the colors which animate the seaside. It is extremely pleasant to walk there, of going from slack in slack and letting themselves try by citrus fruits gorged with sun.

What to see around Rethymno? The answer will be full with things! All depends on its centers of interest.     top of page

Click to enlargeThe churches and monasteries are numerous, a visit is essential besides on the monastery of Arkadi whose imposing frontage of XVIeme century is splendid, the monastery was in its time, a high place of science and art, and it had a school and a library with the innumerable old books. Today this last is especially known for the holocaust of 1866 Click to enlargeand the heroism of the cretan people, which in fact a high place and a symbol of freedom. During the cretan revolution vis-a-vis Turkish and after three days of combat, on the orders of the superior of the monastery, the people made jump the powder barrels which were inside the monastery, preferring to sacrifice itself rather than to go.     top of page

Click to enlargeIf one likes the archeological sites Eleftherna (close sunday), of Lappa or Syvritos to quote only they, will allure you. The Venetian vestiges do not miss obviously. But let us not forget that we are on an island between sea and Click to enlargemountain. There still, the place offers many opportunities. The beaches being splendid said we it, the rest becomes easy. The mountain, more wild, allows unforgettable excursions. The country holidays being very widespread, it is easy to leave “to the adventure '' to foot or in VTT and Click to enlargeto discover the department of Rethymno, which north in the south, conceals sumptuous landscapes and where the throats are impressive.      top of page

Click to enlargeNo one could not be insensitive with the charm of this area of Crete, just like with the kindness of its inhabitants. Hospitality is natural here and the cretan remains a jovial fellow says one. Perhaps this is the reason by which the cretan kitchen is also popular. In Crete one likes to have fun the festival, to eat well and Click to enlargedrink well. On this subject, if you speak to you about Tzatziki, Dakos, Patouda…     top of page

Then if you want to go on a beautiful journey, if you want of escape, pleasure, expatriation come to dream in Crete, come to discover the department of Rethymno.

Thanks to Maria Karampatsa of the Greek tourist office in Paris for its assistance and the town of Rethymno for its reception, in particular with our guide Evgenia Koumantou and Mr Manolis Menioudakis.     top of page


Click to enlargeYou need more information about the city of Rethymno, contact: info@itinerairesbis.com     top of page

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Click to enlargeUseful phone numbers in Rethymno:

Police: 100

Tourist Police: +30 28310 28156

Click to enlargeRethymno hospital: +30 28310 27814-9

ANEK Lines (Souda) +30 28310 29846

Minoan Lines (Héraklion) +30 28310 22941

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